• Address: 218 London Road, Burpham, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7JS
  • Opening hours:
    9:30 – 6:00 Monday to Saturday
    11.00 – 4.00 Sunday
  • Telephone: 01483 302210
  • Email: guildford@cycleworks.co.uk
  • Parking: Free parking is available on the Kingpost Parade outside the front of the shop.


  • Specialized Tarmac Pro equipped with Dura Ace drive train and Ultegra brakes rolling on Roval wheels and Sworks tyres.
  • Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon 2010 with quite a few upgrades, the Specialized Command Post being the best
  • 2012 Stumpjumper Expert hardtail 29er
  • S Works Tarmac, with Dura-Ace wheels and full Dura-Ace groupset
  • Zion single speed mountain bike
  • Nick’s been in the business for 12 years and has worked his way up to the Managers’ position in Guildford. He’s a keen cross-country and road rider who’s regularly out in the local area, plus trips to Wales and France. Nick is also a Cytech Level 2 certified mechanic.

    What sort of cycling do you do?

    I mainly ride cross country with a bit of road mixed in, in the summer. I can commonly be found checking the tea and cake stocks in the Peaslake Village Store and ensuring they don’t mount up! I ride mountain bikes for the buzz of thrashing down singletrack and I enjoy the fitness aspect too. Night riding is also a big part of my cycling- it’s great fun knowing it’s just you and the dark!

    Why did you choose your bikes?

    The Stumpy FSR is a great all rounder and I try and cross the border as possible on this as I think North Wales has some of the best riding available in the UK.

    This new venture into big wheels on the Stumpy hardtail is a good one, it means you can ride your favourite trails even quicker!

    The Tarmac is perfect for all day coast trips and races.

    Finally, the Zion is great for the muddy winter conditions we suffer from in the Surrey hills.

    Have you taken part in any cycling events in the past and are any planned for the future?

    This year’s seen a shift in riding for me, sliding very much towards the road side of things. I’ve taken part in a large number of road races, building up my legs and experience! That said I’ve raced most of the local Gorrick series this year and plan to attend all the autumn rounds. This years’ trips have seen tours round Wales, Spain and the Isle of Man.



  • Specialized Tarmac Pro equipped with Dura Ace drive train and Ultegra brakes rolling on Roval wheels and Sworks tyres.
  • Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Evo with a Reverb and a few other posh bits
  • Yeti 303R-DH
  • Specialized Allez Elite E5 kitted out with some nice light Mavic Ksyriums and Conti tyres
  • Whyte 729, coming soon with a couple of upgrades
  • What sort of cycling do you do?

    I spend most of my time in the Surrey hills riding my Stumpjumper over every jump and through all the singletrack I can find. Living round here means there aren’t any big mountains to ride much downhill, so all the practice is done on the cross country trails. I also do a few miles on the road bike each week which goes a long way to improving fitness, but is also pretty fun on the roads round here!

    Why did you choose your bikes?

    The Stumpjumper was chosen for its all round capabilities- from racing the megavalanche to riding the local cross country trails. It handles well and gets up the climbs quick,  I think it’s one of the best trail bikes available.

    The Yeti has been a bit neglected this year due to not being able to find the time to get to all the downhill races I’d like to. It’s a great downhill bike though and is fun to ride when I can.

    The plan for the Whyte is to be the winter work horse, and maybe enter a few local XC races next year on it. The 29 inch wheels on the hardtail will offer more speed and grip on the singletrack during the cold wet night rides.

    I got the Allez coming into last winter and immediately noticed an increase in my fitness. I changed the wheels and tyres when it arrived to get me up the climbs and round the corners faster and since then I’ve been on it each week hunting down Strava times!

    Have you taken part in any cycling events in the past and are any planned for the future?

    This year I have varied my events a bit more. Previously only competing in downhill it was interesting to see how I’d get on in other disciplines. I raced a couple of criterium races on the roady during summer, as well as a spot of XC racing in the spring. The events I really enjoyed this year were the gravity enduro races, which I rode on my Stumpjumper. I enjoyed the mixture of downhill ability and fitness needed. I placed 5th in one of the enduro 1 races, suffered some bad luck during this year’s Megavalanche- tearing a tyre in qualifying whilst sitting in the top 20 of my heat.

    Next year’s plan is to enter more enduro races and hopefully pull off some more top 5 results.

Natty Hall


  • Whyte 729 29er hardtail Dropper equipped
  • Specialized Allez Elite 2013 with Miche Primato hubs on Mavic CXP 33 rims
  • 1975 Carlton Cobra Fixie town bike
  • What sort of cycling do you do?

    A little bit of everything! I don’t drive so I’ve always commuted everywhere by bike including the 120 mile trips back to my hometown of Leicester. My past bikes were mostly touring bikes and fixies, very much all practical choices. However having worked in Cycleworks for a year now my collection of bikes has grown to include Road and Mountain bikes. Now I race the Gorrick MTB series and have done Road Criterium racing including the Guildford Town Centre race.

    Why did you choose your bikes?

    The Carlton has a sentimental value to me as has been in my family nearly all its life, it is my commuter/town bike equipped with mudguards for practicality.

    My Whyte is my Mountain bike capable of the technical descents of Afan and Peaslake but not too trail specific for XC races.

    Allez is my favorite at the moment being my weapon of choice racing and have achieved my 3rd cat road license on it. It is also my  mode of transport for the trips to Leicester and the south coast.

    Have you taken part in any cycling events in the past and are any planned for the future?

    I have competed this year in the Eelmore Series and Dunsfold crits. Also in the summer I completed the Fred Whitton challenge which involved 12,000ft of climbing in the Lake District. Over the winter I intend to race the Gorricks, cross train for some triathlon events and get my fitness ready for some more committed performances in longer road races next season.





  • Specialized Tarmac
  • 'The twins': Specialized S-Works Enduro with a lightweight build and a Specialized Enduro with a burly build
  • PK Ripper
  • Whyte Cyclocross bike with hydro discs.
  • What sort of cycling do you do?

    Anything fun and fast! From railing the cross bike down descents in the Surrey hills, on and off road, to shredding Spanish mountains on a burly Specialized Enduro.

    Why did you choose your bikes?

    The Tarmac is a smooth ride for a responsive race bike, and has a great Specialized lifetime warranty- although still going strong since 2006 ( I think it’s indestructible).

    The twins are the best of both worlds, one for dry speedy rides, the other for wet greasy slop non the trails!

    The PK ripper is an 1984 vintage and I couldn’t bear to let her go!

    The cross bike is my Swiss army knife: fast, unstoppable (although the hydraulic disc brakes should help a bit!) and you can carry it over anything you can’t ride.

    Have you taken part in any cycling events in the past and are any planned for the future?

    Refusing to pay ride my bike against the clock makes this a tricky question, though I love strava and taking on the world online! Working on world cup downhill machines such as Bernard Kerr’s Pivot means I am in tune and up to date with world class bike setup!



  • Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 with SRAM Red and Mavic wheels as a training / ride to work bike
  • Specialized S Works Tarmac SL3 with SRAM Red and Enve 3.4 wheels + tubulars for racing
  • Specialized Allez for use on the Turbo
  • Hardtail MTB with 2x9 gearing + Fox float forks and Panaracer tubeless Fire XC tyres
  • What sort of cycling do you do?

    Predominately road. I relish the adrenaline rush from being in a tight bunch in a road or circuit race. On club/training rides I enjoy the companionship and friendly rivalry that is missing on 4 hour solo rides.

    Why did you chose those bikes?

    The Tarmacs were chosen because of their ride qualities, lifetime frame warranty and value for money.
    Mavic wheels for their reliability, Enve wheels for their response and stability in windy conditions.

    Have you taken part in any cycling events in the past and are any planned for the future?

    Until 1971 when I retired I rode a full programme of road, track and time trials for the Sorian CC in SW London. I am now a member of VC Meudon and in 2009 started to ride LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) and Surrey League events.