Cycle to work schemes

Get more bike for your money.

What is the Cycle To Work scheme?

Cycleworks is partnered with the Green Commute Initiative, Bike2Work, Cyclescheme and Halfords Cycle2Work cycle to work schemes. All are designed to help you get outdoors riding bikes and enjoying yourselves whilst also benefiting from improved fitness and doing your bit for the environment. All schemes are done through registered employers- see below for the steps to getting your new bike.

Part of the Government’s Green Transport Plan, cycle to work schemes aim to get more people cycling to work by offering up to a 42% saving on a new bike and safety equipment, such as helmets and lights.

Cycle Scheme Steps

  1. Check if your employer is signed up to one of our partnered schemes. If they are yet to sign up, please see the information to the right.
  2. Pop into one of the Cycleworks shops, choose your bike and any equipment that you need and we will give you a written quote to take to your employer.
  3. Get your quote confirmed. This may vary depending on which scheme you are using (see below);

    Green Commute Initiative - Use the form on the scheme's website to generate a voucher.

    Bike2Work – Your employers provides authorisation to Bike2Work Scheme and makes the quote payment. A voucher will be issued to you from Bike 2 Work.

    Cyclescheme – You use your employers Cyclescheme web address to request a certificate. Your employer will confirm the eligibility of the quote and an invoice will be sent to them for your bike package. Once everything is sorted and the bike is paid for (more details below), then a certificate will be sent to you which you can exchange for your new bike and equipment.

  4. Exchange the certificate/voucher for your new bike and ride it away!. Please bring some form of photographic ID with you, such as a passport or driving license.
  5. Make your monthly payments. Once you have collected your bike the monthly payments commence.

Info For Employers

All schemes enable your employees to get a bike tax-free with the average saving being over 30% of the cost of the bike. The schemes are free to join, help reduce your businesses carbon footprint and help improve the fitness of your employees.

The schemes are really easy to apply for and their websites provide plenty of information for you as well as employees looking to take advantage of a cycle to work scheme.

More information can be found by clicking the logos here.

  • Green Commute Initiative Logo
  • Halfords Cycle2Work Logo
  • Bike2Work Logo
  • Cyclescheme Logo

Green Commute Initiative - any bike at any price

Green Commute Initiative is leading the industry with its cycle-to-work scheme with no limits. GCI scheme participants benefit from no £1,000 spending cap and no scheme exit fees. Save up to 47%, depending on your tax bracket. Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest. Get an E-bike or conventional bike and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Try the calculator below to see how much you could save!